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BNCS-M275 FOR USE ON: Suzuki Sidekick, Tracker CARGO 135033 MITSUBISHI 118,A 866 X 11870 WAI 35-8321 TRANSPO NO: IM275 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.7V 
BNCS-M276 FOR USE ON: Subaru Justy CARGO 135034 MITSUBISHI 157,A 866 X 15770 WAI 35-8323 TRANSPO NO: IM276 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M277 FOR USE ON:Ford Probe,Mazda Miata,Mitsubishi Ford F02Z-10316-A,Mazda F285-18-W70, Mitsubishi A866X00179,A866T17972, Motorcraft GRE-799 FOR ALTERNATOR:Ford F02Z-10346-B, F02Z-10346-C, F02Z-10346-D, Mazda F28818-300A,F290-18-300A,N350-18-300A, Mitsubishi A2T17574, A2T19991,A2T20191,A2T21191,A2T20091,A2T34477,A5T01577 LESTER:13227,13237,13299 COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TR1830,Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM277 28mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M278 FOR USE ON:Nissan Pulsar,Sentra Mitsubishi A866X14570,A866X14572, Nissan 23215-77A10 FOR ALTERNATOR:Mitsubishi A5T00192, LESTER:13251 COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TRI278,Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM278 28mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M279 FOR USE ON:Ford,Escort,Mazda Protege w/P Terminal REPLACES:Ford F0BZ-10316A, Mitsubishi A866X17170,A866X17172 FOR ALTERNATOR:Ford F0BZ-10316A,F0CZ-10346B, Mazda B113-18-300B,BP02-18-300A, Mitsubishi A5T02777,A5T00877 LESTER:13314 COMPONENTS:Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM279 28mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M280 MAZDA JE15-18-W70 A MITSUBISHI 170, A 866 X 17072 WAI 35-8324 TRANSPO NO:IM280 A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M281 FOR USE ON:Mitsubishi Pajero,Delica Van,Mirage, Galant,Sava,Shariot Mitsubishi A866X09171, Mitsubishi Motors MD611481 FORALTERNATOR:Mitsubishi A2T01384,A2T01483, A2T01583,A2T01683,A2T01783,A2T02084,A2T06384, A2T09884,A2T10083,A2T14376,A2T14876,A2T27883, A2T49377,A3T05882, Mitsubishi Motors MD102864,MD102865, ....and others,See OE Alternator Cross Reference COMPONENTS:Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM281 43mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M282 FOR USE ON:Mazda Capella Mazda RF71-18-W70,Mitsubishi A866X12682 FORALTERNATOR:Mazda RF71-18-300E,RF71-18-300G, RF91-18-300A,RF92-18-300C,S5A2-18-300B, Mitsubishi A3T01877,A3T01877B, A3T04177,A3T04178,A3T05676 NOTES:Not interchangeable with IM281 COMPONENTS:Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM282 43mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M284 FOR USE ON: Nissan Bluebird, Stanza, 300ZX Turbo CARGO 135030 MITSUBISHI 132,A 866 X 13272,A 866 X 15170 NISSAN 23215-35F10 WAI 35-8329 TRANSPO NO: IM284 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M286 FOR USE ON: Mitsubishi Motors MITSUBISHI A 866 X 08871,A 866 X 19972 ME700783,ME701196 TRANSPO NO: IM286 A'circuit,voltage set Point28.7V 
BNCS-M294 FOR USE ON: Mitsubishi, Fuso Diesel Truck MITSUBISHI A866X08971,A 866 X 23972 ME700799,ME A'circuit,voltage set Point14.6V 
BNCS-M287 FOR USE ON: Mitsubishi CARGO 133746 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 09270,A 866 X 09271 Md611502 TRANSPO NO: IM287 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M290 FOR USE ON: 1994-on Mazda, Mitsubishi CARGO 138309 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 26172,MD618845 TRANSPO NO: IM290 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.7V 
BNCS-M291 FOR USE ON: Infiniti G20, Nissan Sentra MITSUBISHI 214,2321564J12,A 866 X 20782 A 866 X 21482 WAI 35-8338 TRANSPO NO: IM291 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.3V 
BNCS-M292 FOR USE ON: Infiniti J30, Nissan 300ZX CARGO 137182 MITSUBISHI 224,A 866 X 23072 WAI 35-8343 TRANSPO NO: IM292 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.3V 
BNCS-M293 FOR USE ON: Clark Forklifts MITSUBISHI 284 TRANSPO NO: IM293 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.7V 
BNCS-M341 FOR USE ON: 2001-2003 Chrysler Sebring Coupe Stratus Coupe 3.0L 2000-2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Galant 3.0L 1998-2002 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.8L 1999-2001 Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan 1.5L 1997-1998 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.5L MITSUBISHI A866X34172 TRANSPO NO: IM341 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M345 FOR USE ON:Kia Sephia,Mazda Protege Mitsubishi 345 FOR ALTERNATOR:Mitsubishi A2TB0091 LESTER:13718 CAUTION:"Field Control" Unit(Use Caution When Testing) COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TRI345,Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM345 23mm Brush Ring D-P Terminals "Field Control" Unit Works withs with PCM 'A'circuit,voltage set Point14.3V 
BNCS-M350 FOR USE ON: 1997 Subaru Forester 2.5L 1997 Subaru Impreza Outback 1.8L Opt. 1997-1998 Subaru Impreza Outback 2.2L 1998 Subaru Impreza, Outback 2.5L MITSUBISHI 341 TRANSPO NO: IM350 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M358 FOR USE ON: 1995-2002 Ford Fiesta 1.2L 1995-1998 Ford Fiesta 1.4L 1998-1999 Ford Focus 1.4L 1.6L 1997 Ford Puma 1.7L MITSUBISHI 358 TRANSPO NO: IM358 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M318 FOR USE ON:Honda Mitsubishi 318 TRANSPO NO:IM318 24mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Vonltage Set Point:14.5V L-IG-FR Terminals 
BNCS-M369 FOR USE ON: 1999-2001 Mercury Villager Van 3.3L (125A) 1999-2001 Nissan Quest Van 3.3L (125A) MITSUBISHI 369 TRANSPO NO: IM369 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.3V 
BNCS-M465 FOR USE ON: 2000-2002 Mazda MPV 2.5L MITSUBISHI 465,A866X46572,GY01-18-W70,A3TG0081 TRANSPO NO: IM465 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.3V 
BNCS-M529 FOR USE ON: Ford Truck, SUV with 200-Ampere Mitsubishi System MITSUBISHI 529,A866T52970 TRANSPO NO: IM529 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.0V 
BNCS-M757 FOR USE ON: Ford Transit ..UNIT A3TN1791 CARGO 230985 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 40371 TRANSPO NO: IM757 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M829 FOR USE ON: Mazda Pick-up 2.2L CARGO 135147 MANDO TA500C01801 MITSUBISHI 189 WAI 35-8332 TRANSPO NO: IM829 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M830 FOR USE ON:Mazda MX-6,RX-7,Ford Probe,Thunderbird Mazda B64J-18-W70,JE48-18-W70, Mitsubishi A866X20472, FOR ALTERNATOR:Ford FS1118300A, KIA OK24A-18-300A,Mando AB1610044,AB170036, AB170066,Mazda B366-18-300,B3C7-18-300, B61P-18-300,....and others,See OE Alternator Cross Reference,Mitsubishi A2T33191,A2T33891,A2T33892, A2T33991,A2T35177,A2T36578,A2T38977,....and others, See OE Alternator Cross Reference LESTER:13227,13445,13460,13511 COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TR1830,Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM830 23mm Brush Ring 'A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M831 FOR USE ON:Hyundai Elantra,Mando Marine, Mitsubishi Eclipse,Sonata Mitsubishi A866T09780,A866T09782, Nissan 23124-53A10 FOR ALTERNATOR:Hyundai 37300-33013, 37300-33010,37300-33030,Mando AB175020 LESTER:13249,13516 COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TRI278,Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM831 23mm Brush Ring 'A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M832 MAGNETI MARELLI 940 038 103 MITSUBISHI A2T34892, A2T35092, A2T38892, A2T40092, A2TA2871, A3T12291, A3T12391, A3T12491,A 866 X 22272, A 866 X 23182, A 866 X 25472, MD618569,MD618696 WAI 35-8336, 35-8339 TRANSPO NO:IM832 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M834 FOR USE ON: Geo Metro, Suzuki Swift, Sidekick CARGO 139667 MITSUBISHI 237,A 866 X 23772 WAI 35-8342 TRANSPO NO: IM834 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M835 FOR USE ON: Honda Civic CARGO 138296 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 26641 TRANSPO NO: IM835 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.7V 
BNCS-M836 FOR USE ON: Ford Taurus SHO, Lincoln Mark VIII CARGO 232451 FORD F3LY-10316-A,GRE-812 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 24272 WAI 35-8337,35-8337-1 TRANSPO NO: IM836 23mm Brush Ring 'A'circuit,voltage set Point14.7V I-D(S)-A Terminals 
BNCS-M837 FOR USE ON: Mercury Capri FORD F0JY-10316-A,GRE-805 MITSUBISHI 210,A 866 X 21072 WAI 35-8334 TRANSPO NO: IM837 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M839 FOR USE ON: Honda Civic CARGO 135064,136648 MITSUBISHI 220,A 866 T 38570 WAI 35-8340 TRANSPO NO: IM839 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M840 FOR USE ON: Mitsubishi 304, Ford Ambulance Chasis Ford EMV with 215 Ampere Units FORD F5PZ-10334-A MITSUBISHI 304 MOTORCRAFT GY360 TRANSPO NO: IM840 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.7V 
BNCS-M844 FOR USE ON: Honda Accord TRANSPO NO: IM844 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.7V 
BNCS-M845 FOR USE ON: Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon MITSUBISHI MD618957 WAI 35-8346 TRANSPO NO: IM845 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M846 FOR USE ON:Fuso Canter Mitsubishi 283,A866X28372,Mitsubishi Motors ME701399 FOR ALTERNATOR:Mitsubishi A3T75883, Mitsubishi Motors ME017614 COMPONENTS:Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM846 35mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point;28.0V R-L Terminals 
BNCS-M847 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 25572, Md618735, Md619167 TRANSPO NO:IM847 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M848 FOR USE ON: 1999-2000 Subaru Impreza Impreza Outback 2.2L 2.5L 1999-2002 Subaru Forester 2.5L MITSUBISHI 427 SUBARU 23815AA140 TRANSPO NO: IM848 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M850 FOR USE ON:Honda Civic,Del Sol(Non Vtech) FOR ALTERNATOR:Mitsubishi A5TA0991, Honda AHGA24 LESTER:13649 COMPONENTS:Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO: IM8 23mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit, Voltage Set Point:14.5V G-C-L-F Terminals 
BNCS-M851 FOR USE ON: 2001-Up Honda Civic Sedan 1.7L MITSUBISHI 487,A866X48782 TRANSPO NO: IM851 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M852 FOR USE ON: Clark Subaru CARGO 138631 MITSUBISHI 172,A 866 X 17272 TRANSPO NO: IM852 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M853 FOR USE ON: 1999-2000 Honda Civic 1.6L MITSUBISHI 438 TRANSPO NO: IM853 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M854 FOR USE ON: Pajero, Canter, Nissan King Van CARGO 139110 MITSUBISHI A866X27572,ME70136 TRANSPO NO: IM854 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.7V 
BNCS-M951 BOSCH 0 986 190 016 CHRYSLER MD001810, MD601810 FORD D27Z-10316A, MAZDA 0259-18-39, 0259-18-391 MITSUBISHI MD001810, MD601810, R001T11176, RL2220A5,RLB2220A, RLB2220A5 MOTORCRAFT GRE-301, GRE304 TRANSPO NO: IM951 B' Circuit, Voltage Set Point:14.3V IG-F-L-A-N-E(A) Terminals 
BNCS-T001  A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V 
BNCS-T002  A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V 
BNCS-T003  A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V 
BNCS-T004 CSOSG22 A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:28.3V 
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