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BNCS-L214 LUCAS 37 582, 37 583, 37 590, 37 595,37 599, 37 602, 37 618, 37 635,37 648, 37 649, 37 650, 37 655,37 656, 37 674, 37 675, 37 677,37 681, 37 682, UCB 101, UCB 101X,UCB 104, UCB 107,UCB 111X, UCB 118,UCB 123X, UCB 124 MAGNETI MARELLI 940 038 126, 940 038 128 WAI 35-9202 TRANSPO NO: IL214 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.2V 
BNCS-L215 LUCAS 37 591, 37 596, 37 670, UCB 105,UCB 105X MOTORCRAFT EGR352 VL-DUCELLIER 592 970 WAI 35-9203 TRANSPO NO: IL215 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.2V 
BNCS-L216 LUCAS 37 610, 37 651, UCB 108, UCB 108X WAI 35-9206 TRANSPO NO: IL216 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.2V 
BNCS-L217 BL/JAGUAR AAU 2870 LUCAS 37 579, 37 584, 37 611, 37 613,37 652, 37 654, 37 678, 37 680,UCB 103, UCB 103X, UCB 109, UCB 109X, UCB 110, UCB 121 MAGNETI MARELLI 940 038 124 MASSEY FERGUSON 189 4567 M1, 189 7619 M1 MOTORCRAFT EGR353 VL-DUCELLIER 592 971 WAI 35-9204 TRANSPO NO: IL217 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.2V 
BNCS-L219 FOR USE ON: Jaguar, Massey Ferguson Tractor, Triumph CARGO 131145 HELLA 5DR 004 241-381 LUCAS 37 621,37 624,37 636,37 640,37 659,37 661 37 666,37 667 UCB 126,UCB 129,UCB 129X,UCB 133,UCB 133X UCB 134,UCB 134X,UCB 137,UCB 139,UCB 142 MAGNETI MARELLI 940 038 132 MOTORCRAFT EGR311,EGR313 WAI 35-9207 Transpo No:IL219 A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point 14.3V 
BNCS-L220 FOR USE ON: J.I. Case Tractor CARGO 130957 LUCAS 37666A,UCB 126X WAI 35-9208 Transpo No:IL220 A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point 14.2V 
BNCS-L221 FOR USE ON: Ford-New Holland Agricultural Equipment CARGO 132106 LUCAS 37 625,37 662,37 662B,37 687,37 702 UCB 130,UCB 140,UCB 149 Transpo No:IL221 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point 14.3V 
BNCS-L222 FOR USE ON: Triumph BL/JAGUAR AEU 1819,BAU 4800,CARGO,132105 LUCAS 37 620,37 623,37 658,37 660,37 685 UCB 125,UCB 128,UCB 136,UCB 138 Transpo No:IL222 A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point 14.2V 
BNCS-L223 FOR USE ON: Ford,J.l.Case,Massey Ferguson Tractors Ford 84AB-10316AA, Lucas 37701,37703,37705,37707,UCB148,UCB148X, UCB150,UCB150X,UCB151,UCB151X TRANSPO NO: IL223 OE Style Housing 'A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.4V FOR USE ON: Ford,Tractor, JCB Equipment, Massey Ferguson Lucas 37735, 
BNCS-L224 FOR USE ON: Ford,Tractor, JCB Equipment, Massey Ferguson Lucas 37735,UB153, Ford E3NN-10B376AD,E7nn-10316AA LUCAS 37 735,UCB 153 MAGNETI MARELLI 000 028 006 WAI 35-9210 TRANSPO NO: IL224 OE Style Housing 'A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.3V 
BNCS-L225 CARGO 135231 LUCAS 54022415,84 959,UCB155 TRANSPO NO: IL225 OE Style Housing 'A'circuit,voltage set Point 28.3V 
BNCS-M204 FOR USE ON: Chrysler Imports,Ford Courier, Mazda,Mitsubishi Ford E27Z-10316-A, Mazda 8173-24-520,N221-24-520, Mitsubishi A866T00670,A866T01970,... Mitsubishi Motors MD607372,MD607570 FOR ALTERNATOR: Mazda 1480-18-300,8173-18-300, TRANSPO NO: IM204 R-L Terminals 'A'circuit,voltage set Point14.6V Low Saturation? Superior Loading Self Activating Circuit 
BNCS-M204HD NOTES: Heavy Duty Version of ZM204 COMPONENTS: Brush DA-102 TRANSPO NO: IM204HD R-L Terminals 'A'circuit,voltage set Point14.6V Self Activating Circuit Anti-Feedback Diode Very Low Saturation Voltage Larger Heat Sink for Better Heat Transfer 
BNCS-M203 FOR USE ON: Forklifts Mitsubishi 0207 NOTES: 24 Volt Version of ZM204 COMPONENTS: Brush DA-102 TRANSPO NO: IM203 R-L Terminals 'A'circuit,voltage set Point27.5V Low Saturation Voltage Superior Loading 
BNCS-M225 LUCAS 21511095, 21511116, UCJ 207 MAGNETI MARELLI 940 038 075 MAZDA 8574-24-520 MITSUBISHI 00870, 02970, A 866 T 00870, A 866 T 02270, A 866 T 02970 NISSAN 23215-P3017, 23215-W7110 WAI 35-8306 TRANSPO NO: IM225 S-L Terminals BNCS-M225 'A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M204-1 REPLACES: MITSUBISHI A866T00470 A866T00670 BOSCH 0986192016  
BNCS-M205 FOR USE ON:NISSAN DIESEL MITSUBISHI A866T03070, MITSUBISHI MOTORS MD607619 FOR ALTERNATOR: MAZDA 4813-18-300, MITSUBISHI A1T32084,A2T15384,A2T43583, A5T20484,A5T22484, MITSUBISHI MOTORS MD013740,MD072582,MD087246 LESTER:14690,14692 COMPONENTS: BRUSH DA-102 TRANSPO NO: IM205 R-L Terminals 'A'circuit,voltage set Point14.6V Extended Terminal Arm 
BNCS-M206 FOR USE ON: Mitsubishi Galant CARGO 131464 HELLA 5DR 004 241-611 MAGNETI MARELLI 940 038 098 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 01670,A 866 X 01671 MD607500,MD607538 WAI 35-8307 TRANSPO NO: IM206 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M207 FOR USE ON: Fuso Trucks REPLACES: Mitsubishi A866T06570 COMPONENTS: Brush DA-102 TRANSPO NO: IM207 R-L Terminals 'A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M213 FOR USE ON: Mitsubishi Center REPLACES: Mitsubishi A866T06670, Mitsubishi Motors ME700571 FOR ALTERNATOR: Mitsubishi A5t70178,A5T70183, A5T70283,A5T70383,Mitsubishi Motors ME007578, ME017560,ME017561,ME049165, COMPONENTS: Brush DA-102 TRANSPO NO: IM213 R-L Terminals 'A'circuit,voltage set Point28.6V 
BNCS-M208 FOR USE ON: Fuso Trucks Mitsubishi A866T08570, Mitsubishi Motors ME700566 FOR ALTERNATOR: Mitsubishi A2T32583,Mitsubishi Motors ME017588 COMPONENTS: Brush DA-102 TRANSPO NO: IM208 R-L Terminals 'A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.5V 
BNCS-M212 FOR USE ON: Mitsubishi Buses & Trucks, Mitsubishi Fuso in the U.S. REPLACES: Mitsubishi A866T06870, Mitsubishi Motors ME700635 FOR ALTERNATOR: Mitsubishi A2T72286,A4T57789, A6T75186,...A6T75286 Mitsubishi Motors ME017563,ME017588,ME037640, ME037641,ME037644,ME037989,ME067529 COMPONENTS: Brush DA-102 TRANSPO NO: IM212 R-L Terminals 'A'circuit,voltage set Point28.6V 
BNCS-M209 FOR USE ON: Nissan Bluebird 2000 Diesel CARGO 132476 MAGNETI MARELLI 940 038 090 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 05870 NISSAN 23125-05E16,23215-05E16 TRANSPO NO: IM209 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M210 FOR USE ON: Peugeot 405 CARGO 131521 HELLA 5DR 004 246-531 LUCAS 21513127,UCJ 247 MAGNETI MARELLI 940 038 079 MITSUBISHI 13370,A 866 T 03870 A 866 T 05670,A 866 T 13370 VL-DUCELLIER 592 997 WAI 35-8345 TRANSPO NO: IM210 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M214 MAZDA SE01-24-520 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 02370 TRANSPO NO: IM214 A'circuit,voltage set Point28.5V 
BNCS-M215 For use on:Mitsubishi industrial trucks,forklifts fuso trucks Mitsubishi A866T01070,Mitsubishi Motors ME700091 For Alternator:mitsubishi A2T61571,A2T61871,A2T61971 A2T70571,A2T70671,A2T70771,....and others,see OE alternator Cros Reference, Mitsubishi Motors ME007396,ME007397,ME007550, ME007533,ME007540,ME017507,ME017509, ....and others,See OE Alternator Cross Reference COMPONENTS:Brush MA-970-1 TRANSPO NO: IM215 A'circuit,voltage set Point28.5V 
BNCS-M224 FOR USE ON: Mazda Pick-Up Diesel CARGO 131463 MAZDA 8599-24-520 MITSUBISHI 02170,A 866 X 02170 WAI 35-8303 TRANSPO NO: IM224 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M226 FOR USE ON: Mazda Diesel CARGO 131462 MAZDA S202-18-300 A,S203-18-300 S501-18-300 D,S501-24-520,S502-18-300 C S509-18-300 C MITSUBISHI A 866 X 02470 TRANSPO NO: IM226 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M227 FOR USE ON: Nissan Diesel MITSUBISHI A 866 T 01871 NISSAN 23215-W1710 TRANSPO NO: IM227 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.4V 
BNCS-M216 FOR USE ON: Chrysler,Hyundai,Mazda,Mitsubishi Hyundai 37370-21200, Mazda FE65-24-520, Mitsubishi A866X04872,A866X05471,A866X05472, Mitsubishi Motors MD611032 FOR ALTERNATOR: Ford E8GY-10346-A,E8GY-10346-B, E9BZ-10346-A,Hyundai 37300-21013,37300-21320, ...and others,See OE Alternator Cross Reference Mitsubishi MD074644...and others,See OE Alternator Cross Reference, LESTER:13182,13259,13292,14431...and others,See Lester To Regulator Cross Reference COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TR1400R,Brush DA-87-1 TRANSPO NO: IM216 28mm Brush Ring 'A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.5V R-L Terminals 
BNCS-M216HD NOTES: Heavy Duty Version of ZM216 COMPONENTS: Brush DA-87-1 TRANSPO NO: IM216HD 28mm Brush Ring 'A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.5V R-L Terminals Superior Loading Performance Load Dump Protection Very Low Saturation Voltage With Field Effect Transistor(FET 
BNCS-M217 FOR USE ON:Nissan,Dodge Stealth Mitsubishi A866X05272,A866X09071,A866X09771,... Mitsubishi Motors MD611432,MD611565,MD611710, Nissan 23125-04P10 FOR ALTERNATOR: Hyundai 37300-32520,37300-35020, ...and others,See OE Alternator Cross Reference, Mitsubishi Motors MD061150,MD102084,...and others, See OE Alternator Cross Reference, Nissan 23100-05P11,23100-15P11...and others,See OE Alternator Cross Reference. LESTER:1319713238,13249...and others,See Lester To Regulator Cross Reference, COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TR1400S,Brush DA-87-1 TRANSPO NO: IM217 28mm Brush Ring 'A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M217HD NOTES:Heavy Duty Version of ZM217 COMPONENTS: Brush DA-87-1 TRANSPO NO: IM217HD 28mm Brush Ring 'A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.5V S-L Terminals Superior Loading Performance With Field Effect Transistor(FET) Very Low Saturation Voltage 
BNCS-M232 FOR USE ON: Ford Escort, Fiesta, Orion, Zeta CARGO 139043 HELLA 5DR 004 244-231 MAGNETI MARELLI 940 038 102 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 23200 TRANSPO NO: IM232 A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.3V 
BNCS-M261 FOR USE ON: Nissan CARGO 133254 MITSUBISHI 06270,A 866 X 06270,A 866 X 06272 NISSAN 23133-04F10 SUBARU 23815-AA-000 WAI 35-8305 TRANSPO NO: IM261 A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.5V 
BNCS-M262 FOR USE ON:Nissan 200SX Mitsubishi A866X06470,A866X06471, Nissan 23313-08515 FOR ALTERNATOR:Mitsubishi A2T47794, Nissan 23100-51S10 LESTER:14723 COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TR1405,Brush DA-87-1 TRANSPO NO:IM262 28mm Brush Ring 'A' Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M263 FOR USE ON:Nissan Pulsar & Stanza Mitsubishi A866X08070,A866X08071, Nissan 23215-17B10 FORALTERNATOR:Mitsubishi A2T02394,A2T02394B, A2T46395,A2T46395B,A2T47794,A2T48292,A2T48298, A2T48472,Nissan 23100-07F11,23100-12C10, 23100-12C11,23100-26E10,23100-26E11,23100-51S10, 23100-D4410,23100-D4415,23300-D4110 LESTER:14243,14720,14723,14724 COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TR1406,Brush DA-87-1 TRANSPO NO:IM263 28mm Brush Ring 'A' Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V BNCS-M263 S-L Terminals 
BNCS-M266 FOR USE ON: Mazda B2000, Mazda 323 CARGO 132041 FORD E7GZ10316A ,F0BZ10316A,GRE-788 LUCAS 21513133 MAGNETI MARELLI 940 038 086 MAZDA BF1462 FE85-18-W70 MITSUBISHI 07570,A 866 X 07570,A 866 X 07572 MOTORCRAFT GRE800 WAI 35-8311 TRANSPO NO: IM266 A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.5V 
BNCS-M265 FOR USE ON:Ford Tracer,Probe&Mazda Mazda B675-18-W70, Mitsubi shi A866X12770,A866X12772, FOR ALTERNATOR:Ford E8GY-10346-C,E8GY-10346-D, E92Z-10346-A,E92Z-10346-B,Mazda B675-18-300A, B675-18-300B,F202-18-300,F881-18-300A, Mitsubishi A2T05772,A2T05892,A2T05893 LESTER:13183,13196,14905 COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TR1406,Brush DA-87-1 TRANSPO NO:IM265 28mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V S-L Terminals 4 Amp Rotor 
BNCS-M265HD NOTES:Heavy Duty Version of IM265 COMPONENTS:Brush DA-87-1 TRANSPO NO:IM265HD 28mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V S-L Terminals Very Low Saturation Voltage Load Dump Protection Superior Loading Performance With Field Effect Transistor(FET) 
BNCS-M267 FOR USE ON: Honda Civic, CRX CARGO 134087 HONDA 31150-PE0-927,31150-PE-09270 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 08270,A 866 X 08271 WAI 35-8312 TRANSPO NO: IM267 A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.5V 
BNCS-M268 FOR USE ON:Ford Tempo,Mercury Topaz Ford E8PZ-10316-B,Mitsubishi A866X13970,A866X13971 FORALTERNATOR:Ford E83F-10300-AA,E83F-10300-AB, E83F-10300-BA,E83Z-10346-A,E8DF-10300-AB, E8DZ-10346A,Mitsubishi A3t01596MA,A3T01598MA, A3T01598NA LESTER:13188,13190 COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TR1830,Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM268 28mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V I-D(S)-A Terminals 
BNCS-M268HD FORD E8PZ10316B, GRE793 MITSUBISHI 13970, A 866 X 13970, A 866 X 13971 WAI 35-8313, 35-8313-2 TRANSPO NO:IM268HD A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.4V I-D(S)-A Terminals 
BNCS-M270 FOR USE ON:Ford Thunderbird Ford E8PZ-10316-A,Mitsubishi A866x14072, Motorcraft GRE-317 FOR ALTERNATOR:Ford E8SF-10300-AA,E8SZ-10346-A, Mitsubishi A3T01496,Motorcraft GLE-254 LESTER:13189 COMPONENTS:Repair Circuit TR1270,Brush DA-86-1 TRANSPO NO:IM270 28mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V I-D(S)-A Terminals 
BNCS-M269 FOR USE ON: Subaru Justy CARGO 133004,133255 MITSUBISHI A 866 X 06772,A 866 X 14172 SUBARU 23815-KA-020,49575-6404 WAI 35-8314 TRANSPO NO: IM269 A'circuit,voltage set Point 14.5V 
BNCS-M271 FOR USE ON: Ford Taurus SHO CARGO 230262 FORD E9PZ-10316A,F02Z-10316-B GRE-796 GRE-804 MITSUBISHI 151,174 WAI 35-8318 TRANSPO NO: IM271 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M272 FOR USE ON:Ford Thunderbird Ford E9PZ-10316-B,Mitsubishi A866X15472, Motorcraft GRE-797 FOR ALTERNATOR:Ford E9SF-10300-DA,E9SZ-10346-A, Mitsubishi A4T00790,A4T00796,Motorcraft GLE-265 LESTER:13212 COMPONENTS:Repai 32mm Brush Ring 'A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V I-D(S)-A Terminals 
BNCS-M273 FOR USE ON: Honda Civic, CRX MITSUBISHI 13670,A 866 X 13670 WAI 35-8317 TRANSPO NO: IM273 A'circuit,voltage set Point14.5V 
BNCS-M274 MITSUBISHI 08470, A 866 X 08472 NISSAN 23125-58S10 WAI 35-8320 TRANSPO NO:IM274 A'Circuit,Voltage Set Point:14.5V S-LTerminals 
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